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Bag's features:

- Suitable for office use such as file, stationery, documents, catalog and others

- Suitable for shopping use such as groceries and others

- Soft, smooth and air-permeable

- Good quality and it is durable, attractive, breathable, reusable, and light-weight


Product's dimension: Small (W):32cm (H): 27cm (D): 11cm
                                   Medium (W): 40cm (H): 30cm (D): 10cm
                                   Large (W): 45cm (H): 33cm (D): 12cm


The fruit tray is made of food grade PP material, which is safe, environmental friendly and durable.

Simple food tray's surface is smooth so that it is very easy to wash, and not to fade.

Heightened edge can prevent the item falling off.

The corners are big enough for easy cleaning. It can be widely used as fruit tray, food tray, dessert tray, or some small item, etc.

The color is soft, simple and fashionable.

Simple shape, easy to carry, beautiful and practical.

Unique decoration, casual snacks, fruits, etc., and it is a good decoration.

  • Start by simply placing the ball in the top hole and watch them fall and roll through each tier.
  • Bright colors, interactive sounds.
  • Intricate shapes enhance fine motor skills and problem solving skills.
  • The tower is easy to assemble and breakdown, making playtime a breeze while you’re on the go.
  • Geometry Learning Clock: comes with 12 removable blocks,wood material, smooth edges and child
  • Safe paints. - Brightly colored, feels solid, the little puzzle pieces are nice shapes and easy to maneuver.
  • Understanding, let the baby in the game learn time, color, shape, and which numbers 1-12, cute cartoon baby patterns increase interest in this type of toy.
  • It is conducive to the development of the brain, flexible fingers, is a good educational toys .
  • Cultivate children's interest,exercise children's hand-eye coordination.

Main Features:

● Solid wood production, eco-friendly and durable

● Rich colors are painted with environmental water-based paint, safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless

● The child needs to put the pieces in the right place, which can train the child's observation ability

● Parents can use building blocks to teach their babies English, Math and promote parent-child communication

● Ergonomic design, the pieces are higher than the bottom plate for easy grip and release.


Product Specifications:

Material: ABS + PP Resin + silica gel + glass

Colour: Pink, White, Blue

Capacity: 300ml/ 630ml 

 Size: 300ml 14*7cm / 630ml 20.5*8.5cm



Product Details:

1. Multi-functional storage trolley to tidy up your area.

2. Suitable to use in kitchen, office, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, etc.

3. Can fit in narrow space such as space between refrigerator and cabinet.

4. Multi-tier increase storage space.

5. High quality plastic and carbon steel can support higher weigh.

6. Tray bottom with air ventilation design to keep freshness.

7. Higher tray side to prevent items falling out.

8. Mobile wheels design easy to relocate the trolley.

9. Mini hooks for your cooking tools or cleaning tools.



Net content: 2*4ml 

Shelf life: 3 years 

Properties: Waterbase, peel off, nail polish

Features: no baking, quick-drying, long-lasting, waterproof and non-fading