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Advantages of using OXO Biodegradable Garbage Bag

· Reduce plastic bags pollution

· Minimize blocking of drains, rivers, etc.

· Reduce the possibility of flash floods

· Optimize usage of landfill areas

· Create environmental consciousness

· Create a better life for next generation

~Size : S - 470mm x 550 mm - 20L  - 25Pcs/Pack

~Size : M - 500mm X 540 MM - 50L -15pcs/Pack

Beg Plastik Sampah Wangi

~ Menghapuskan bau busuk sampah.

~ Menghalau serangga.

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KLEENSO Goood Serai Wangi Floor Cleaner 2.2 Litre not only reduces drying time, it also remove Oil Stains and Grease effectively without leaving behind watermark.

1. Kleenso Serai Wangi Floor Cleaner 2.2 Litre not only reduces drying time,

2. it also remove Oil Stains and Grease effectively without leaving behind watermark.

3. Anti bacteria

4. Comfortable foot feel

5. Remove stickiness

6. No watermark

7. Remove Oil Stains

8. Preparation Information:

9. 0Mix 1 capful of Kleenso floor cleaner with every 1/2 pail of water

10. No need to rinse

#KLEENSO #Goood #Serai #Wangi #Floor #Cleaner #(2.2L)


1. Effective for indoor application
2. Safe to people, children and pets
3. All natural food grade ingredients
5. No unpleasant smell
6. Easy to use

1. Pesso Ant Repellent cleaner, a Natural Serai Wangi and other natural anti-bacterial agent, is currently the best and safe way to repel ant.
2. 2 in 1: It contains mild cleaner to clean surfaces and act as repelling agent. Regularly spray onto table, cabinet, chair floor, kitchen and wipe;

How To Use? Mix 100ml into 4 litre water (half pail) to mop the floor or surfaces. No rinsing required.


#PESSO #Eco #Ant #Repellent #Spray #(500ml)



- Brand : Giorgione

- Available colors : Black / Pink / Blue

- Packing: 36

- Material: solid watercolor

- Packaging: Set Usage : Using wet brush tip paints on the watercolor cakes, then it is easy to paint on the paper.


1. Plant-based extracts
2. Liquid base, Non-Pesticide Ingredient
3. For a start, continue spray for 3 – 5 days on the Rat appearance area
4. Non-toxic, safe and environmentally friendly. 5. This product will just repel them and won’t kill them.

#Pesso #Eco #Rat #Repellent #500ML


Features: Made of rubber material, waterproof, dampproof, mould proof, oil-proof, sturdy and durable. Flexible rubber sealing strip with crease design, so it could be folded into 90 degrees for tightly sealing in the seams between walls. It has glue on the rear, very convenient to use, you can tear and stick it on the corresponding area directly. But before sticking, please keep the sticking surface clean and dry. Easy to use and trim, you could trim it into the length you need, practical to use and reduce waste. Widely used for sealing the seams of gas stove, sink, basin, bathtub and walls, it could prevent them from getting mouldy and black, keep your kitchen and bathroom clean and tidy.


1.Material : High Quality Food Grade Silicone

2.Rating Of Temperature: -40 Centigrade to +230 Centigrade

3.Microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe

4.Storing is convenient - retains original shape


Features :

• Mahogany Body and Mineral Steel Key

• Beautiful Instrument with a Warm Tone

• Small In Size and Easy to Use and Carry

• Great As A Gift For A Music Lover Of Any Age


Material : Mahogany & Metal

Number Of Key : 17

Colour : Wood, Retro, Blue

Size : 18 x 13.5 x 3.3cm 


*Material: Silver wire *Function Mode: Steady *Light Color: Warm Yellow/ Colorful

 *Voltage: 3Pcs LR44 batteries (included) *Luminous flux: 7 (lm)

*LED Quantity: 10LEDs / 20LEDs *

Total Length: 1M / 2M

*Wire material: soft plastic rope, soft and flexible, twine in any place you can imagine


High brightness, low power consumption

*Outdoor and indoor decoration light

*Made of high quality material, durable for daily use

*Very low heat generating, besides saving light power

*Energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

*Long lifespan: more than 100000 hours.

*The battery can last about 6-7 hours.

*Safe and environment-friendly, no radiation or pollution elements.

*Light up your holiday party with the flashing string lights

*Bright fairy lights to decorate your Christmas, wedding, party, festival, etc.

*The lamp should be kept away from dampness, rain or mist