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Chinese Tea
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(1) Lower blood pressure, lower blood lipids, and lower blood sugar.

(2) Anti-arteriosclerosis, inhibit thrombosis, and treat cardiovascular diseases.

(3) Soothe the nerves, delay aging, improve mental activity, and improve brain function.

(4) Activate normal human cells, inhibit obesity, invigorate the spleen and stomach, relieve fatigue, have sedative, hypnotic, anti-tension effects, and treat migraines.

(5) Anti-cancer, inhibit and kill cancer cells. Enhance the activity of lymphocytes in the human blood and enhance the immune function of the human body.

(6) It is particularly effective for constipation.


(1) 降血压,降血脂,降血糖。

(2) 抗动脉硬化、抑制血栓形成,治疗心血管疾病。

(3) 安神养性,延缓衰老,改善脑力活动,提高大脑机能。

(4) 活化人体正常细胞,抑制肥胖、健脾胃、解疲劳,有镇静,催眠、抗紧张作用,治疗偏头疼。

(5) 抗癌防癌,抑制杀灭癌细胞。增强人体血液中淋巴细胞的活性,增强人体的免疫功能。

(6) 对便秘效果尤为显著。

This is an all-natural health product extracted by modern scientific technology from the plant Jiaogulan. It is also a healthcare tea which has the effect of stress relief etc. Usage and dosage: Dissolve 1-2 packets in 200-300ml hot water. Drink after 2-3 minutes. 3-4 times per day.

本品是以天然植物绞股蓝为原料,经现代科学提取精制而成。绞股蓝茶带有芬芳的清香,滋味和淡微苦,回味甘醇,汤色淡黄清澈。绞股蓝茶具有滋补、安神的作用,是可以长期饮用的保健饮料。 食用量及食用方法:用200-300毫升开水冲泡,2-3分钟后即可饮用。每次1-2包,每日3-4次。

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