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  • Suitable for storing healthier fruits and vegetables outside the refrigerator. It can be conveniently used as an extra storage space in a corridor, bedroom or home.
  • The open wire mesh design allows food to breathe, helping to prevent or slow down spoilage and keep them fresh for longer.
  •  This basket is easy to access and understand your fruits and vegetables, and it is decorative.
  • You can easily take this basket to grocery shopping or pick home-grown vegetables in the garden.
  • No assembly required
  • Comes with threading design, one set, two pulls, three lifts; no rubbish, no dirty hands.
  • Thickness and toughness can easily carry 10kg weight, good density, hot water and hot soup will not drip
  • Large capacity, load-bearing kitchen waste
  • Don’t let you experience the despair of bag damaged items falling on the ground on the way home Good toughness, good bearing capacity 
  • Hot soup and hot water, the density is good, does not drip, comes with a closing mouth, does not dirty hands, the garbage is easy to pack and carry away, and the density is good to refuse the outflow of garbage.
  • Don't touch the garbage
  • Automatic closing garbage bag. Innovation draw string automatically convergent garbage bag.
  • High quality garbage bag. Big capacity & durable.
  • Double line designed not easy to pierce
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • No more dirty hand. Automatic collection just pull the string.
  • Durable and adjustable strap : The Strap of the mask is adjustable according to the size of your dog ,you don't worry that your dog is uncomfortable because it's too tight or too loose.
  • Protect Your Pet: The muzzle stop your dog from eat bad food & rubbish, stop them from lick their wound when they are injured.
  • Anti Called: Wear mask for dog that is a very humane way to stop your dog when he barks so loud at the worst hours for people who sleep when you take him out early or late.
  • Anti Bite: The muzzle prevent your dog from bite sofa, clothing and other things in home, prevent them from bite people and other animal.
  • Made of silicone, safe, non-toxic, odorless and washable.
  • Soft and cozy, your dog will feel comfortable when wearing this.
  • Unique design, keep your pet from biting, eating street food or licking wounds.
  • - No piercing neededNo ear hole, not a problem!
  • You just need to clip them on your ears
  • Easy and no pain
  • Various designs
  • Anti-pain ear pads
  • Children can wear without pain.

Height : 8cm (approx 3.15inches)

Width: 6-7cm(approx 2.36inches)

Thickness : 1.2cm (approx 0.47inches)

Material : White Color : White Paint Package include : 1pcs Letter


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Very soft, it will not hurt baby.

Convenient to use for cleaning baby's teeth.

Ultra soft brush head for the gum massage.

The security round slice can prevent the toothbrush from entering into mouth deeply, it can be took down, too. The pattern are so cute that babies like this toothbrush.


Color: Blue, Pink, 

Material: Food-grade

Silicone Round Slice Dia.: 4.5cm / 1.77in Total Length: 12cm / 4.72in

Packing Including: 1 piece baby toothbrush / 1 set baby toothbrush x 2 extra head x casing

  • Brand new and high quality.
  • Durable zipper for easy opening or closing.
  • High quality products.
  • Multi-functional large capacity. It Can be used as the pen bag for students to store all kinds of stationery, also can be used a cosmetic bag for girl to put their cosmetic.
  • Suitable for both office, school & home use.
  • Is a wonderful gift to give to your children on the occasion of returning to school.
  • Brand new and high quality.
  • Funny sunglasses for birthday parties, photos taking, etc.
  • Differnt colors, you can share then with your friends.
  • Occasions: Birthday Party.
  • Innovative U-shaped slot, hugging the teeth to help your baby clean and easy teeth.
  • With a U-shaped toothbrush, brushing your baby's teeth is no longer a nightmare.
  •  Super soft silicone brush head, ultra-quiet massage, does not cause Bleeding of the roots
  • Cute U-shaped toothbrush Unique U-shaped design, easy to get white teeth
  • Grade silicone material fits and wraps the child’s mouth, deep into the teeth and the back of the teeth
  • The gap between to clean the blind area.
  • Clean teeth, healthy baby, comprehensive body, perfect independence skills. Dentists recommend that you create a habit of oral hygiene for children from an early age to create a habit of keeping their teeth clean, free of tooth decay, and free from cavities from the age of 2.
  • Recommeded to brush your teeth at least twice a day and change new toothbrush every two month.


✅✅✅ READY STOCK In Msia, hari ini beli, hari ini POSOUT~~)

It is a cute and 100% handmade cube candle.

It can also used to decor your room or house or working corner. [Candle storage]

1. The candle should be stored in a cool, dark and dry place. Excessive temperature or direct sunlight will cause the surface of the candle to melt, which will affect the fragrance of the candle and lead to insufficient fragrance emission when lit. [Candle Safety] 1. Be sure not to leave the candle unattended.

2. Keep the burning candle out of the reach of children and pets.

3. The container may become hot when the candle burns. Do not trigger the hot container with your hands.

4. When the wax burns to 1CM away from the bottom of the container, please stop burning.

5. When the candle is about to burn out, a large amount of molten wax will be left behind. The leftover wax will be properly disposed of immediately to avoid children playing or swallowing it by mistake.

6. Use candle warmer for the excellent romantic ambience, can purchase at our store too ! :

D Name: Aesthetic Cube Candle

Material: Soy Size: 6cm * 6cm * 6cm

Packing list: A piece of cube candle x1


The item are Diffected (Crack, Losse, Dented, Scratch) Regards to the item condition

10PIECES (Random Item, Can't Be Choose)