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  • Waterproof PEVA material, anti-mould and anti-bacteria, keep your clothes dry and cleaning
  • Fine workmanship, smooth zipper, washable, durable and convenient.
  • Large capacity, can be placed a lot items, such as quilt, clothes, blanket, toys & so on
  • Environmentally friendly and practical, convenient to use
  • Stylish pattern design, provide a good decoration to your wardrobe.
  • Can be folded when not in use, saving space.

- The hardness of the ceramic glaze reaches 8-9h, which is still "non sticky" after long-term use. It can stand the test of time.

- 20.5cm large diameter pan with 7cm depth can easily stir fry.

- Food grade PP steamer, 180 ° C high temperature resistant, can be safely heated, no impurities, not easy to break, long-term use will not yellow deformation.

- Safe power, Two gear adjustment, small power can also be assured to use in the dormitory.

- Stable temperature, thickened pot heating more uniform, frying food has more advantages, at the same time, durable, not easy to deformation and broken.

- When the temperature reaches 180 ° C, it will automatically cut off power for safety protection, and continue to work after the temperature drops.

  • Double layer heat preservation anti scald, intimate design, accidentally touch the body, will not burn the hand.
  • This handy multi-cooker capable of performing a total of 8 functions (hotpot, steam, stir fry, deep fry, grill, boil, braise and stew), all with one nifty kitchen appliance.
  • Power cord connector at the end of the handle. Water will not into connector when cleaning the pot
  • Excellent multi-tasker , can add steam rack on top of cooker, can steam your favourite steamed buns, vegetables, meats, fish, dumplings, baby food.(Please choose with steamer option if you need)
  • With the 1.5 Litre pot , this multi-cooker is certainly large enough to prepare food for a family of 3 to 5.

- Very convenient and easy to bring to work or bring with you anytime.

- Must-have for office workers/baby moms

- High quality glass bowl that is safe to use for microwave and not will harm your food with any plastic chemical.

- The microwave-heatable glass fresh-keeping lunch box will not leak water.

- Can re-heat your meals in the microwave safely and easily.

- Easy to bring your favourite food anywhere at anytime.


• QUICK AND EFFECTIVE DISINFECTION Adopting UVC ultraviolet disinfection technology, using ultraviolet light sanitizer to destroys the DNA of microorganisms to ensure a healthy environment. The sterilizing rate is high up to 99.9%.

• ALL ROUND WIDE APPLICATION Suitable for home, office, car interior, hotel etc. It can be used for mobile phones, iPads, keyboards, laptops, toys, baby clothes, toothbrushes, remote controls, door handles, toilet lids, cups, steering wheels, hotel and home closets, toilets and pet areas to achieve all-round cleaning!

• COMPACT & PORTABLE Mini compact size and lightweight, easy to put in bag to carry around, use anytime anywhere to keep you and your family away from bacteria.

• SAFETY Hypoallergenic and completely odorless with no chemical residue, making it safe for use on children’s toys and baby items. Smart Automatically Timing off in 5 mins. Gravity sensing setting, when the disinfection lamp is facing upwards, it will automatically turn off to prevent the UV light from damaging our eyes.

• Longer Lifespan & Safety Guarantee Our UV-C light wand is a exquisite wand that with nice touch feel, adopted the selected ABS material and advanced led light beads to ensure obvious clean effect and durable LED UV Lamp lifespan more than 10,000+ hours, proven works for effective cleaning, and safety in use.

• EASY TO USE Long press 3 seconds to turn the light on and shine UV light at a surface for 5-10 sec from several inches to sanitize the object and kill any harmful particles.


- It has thickened handles, exquisitely crafted, modern design, suitable for all kinds of drinks.

- Easy to clean, smooth glazed, with large diameter design, more sanitary.

- Unglazed non-slip, no glaze at the touch of the bottom and the table, more effective anti-slip

- Large capacity for high volume

- Microwave safe / Oven safe / Dishwasher safe

- Suitable for daily use in home, office, outdoor and other occasions

- Presentable for food serving

  • Environmental,stylish,easy to use and also saving space.
  • The inner with PE coated, waterproof and moistureproof allows your storage bag more durable
  • Can store items which occupies large space,such as mobile phones, keys, glasses, cosmetics, scissors, etc.
  • Can be hanged on anywhere, such as the bedroom, study, bathroom, kitchen, office, etc,which occupies little space
  • Stick and cotton rope combination, the storage bag can be placed on the door and the wall, classified housing small items.

*HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT: Subjected laboratory testing to effectively increase food shelf life. External exhaust and water inlet are added, keep reliability of the food sealer machine.

*EASY TO OPERATE& CONVENIENCE IN THE KITCHEN: Full-automatic simple electric plug in design with the control center placed on the top panel. Fast vacuum sealing with low vibration, low noise, safety lock design keeps the food sealing machine tightly closed when operating.

*TWO SEALING MODES:Our food saver vacuum sealer machine designed owning Seal function. Vacuum sealing removes air.

*VERSATILITY: Multi-layer material heat seals to keep air out and prevent freezer burn, reduces spoilage and food waste. Ingredients can be locked in great flavors and the nutrition. Also can pack important documents, jewelry, or other objects.

*STARTER KIT INCLUDES: Apart from the vacuum sealer and user manual, the vacuum sealer package also includes 10 vacuum bags , being reusable and waterproof.



1. Made of cotton and linen, it has good elasticity and wear resistance, shrinkage is small, it is not easy to wrinkle, it is easy to wash, quick drying, and it is low-carbon and environmentally friendly. It is comfortable to wear.

2, high density, good insulation properties.

3, product design style simple and generous, beautiful appearance

  • Suitable for any occasion with this simple and nice design jewelry.
  • Perfect to give to your friends / girlfriend / wife as a gift
  • The color and the design suitable for any outfit.
  • It is adjustable according to your hand size.
  •  You can choose your favourite design from our collections.
  • Integrated molding, convenient cleaning.
  • Hanging storage, small and compact.
  • PP material, thick and durable, rounded corners, care for your hands, hanging hole design.
  • What makes this product different from other products is that we have added a groove and raised strip design to this pad, so as to keep the table surface clean while also isolating oil and water remaining in the kitchen utensils
  • This product has a design storage hole, which can be hung up when not in use. Don't worry about taking up space
  • Six storage card slots to meet different needs

- This warmer cup is able to constantly keep your beverage warm at 55°C (+-).

- 4D waterproof, antifouling and antiseepage technology.Hollow design, automatic heat dissipation.

- High temperature resistant, explosion-proof glass surface

- Light and compact, elegant and beautiful, flat polished, improve insulation performance

- Considerate breakfast, warm love, sweet dreams do not disturb the children, after breakfast wake up warm for the whole family to protect the warmth

- Each side is meticulously made: one-finger touch button, rubber non-slip foot pad, intimate heat dissipation base, safe and convenient charging,


*Kitchen storage utensils, dishes, cleaning brushes, etc.

*Hollow design, ventilation and drainage.

*It is easy to store everyday debris, beautiful and practical.

*Adhesive design for easy to install and without hurting the wall.

*No tools required, no drilling required; just place it on a smooth, flat surface and apply pressure.

*Suitable for marble, plasterboard, glass, tile, almost any surface.