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* Ready stock in Malaysia
* Ship out within 24 Hours

*Automobile 360 Atomized/Fogging machine ready to use Disinfectant, Purpose kills 99.99% Virus, Bacteria & Dust.

*Can Effectively remove most pathogenic microorganisms, such ad E.coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

*Specially configured for disinfectant. Suitable for: Car, Office, Retail Shop, Hotel, Factory, Laboratory, Clinic/Hospital, School & ETC......

* Ready to use for Fogging machine or Nano spray gun.

  •  [360 Degrees rotating] with 360 degrees rotatable design, you don't need to worry about sticking the hook in the wrong direction
  • [180 Degrees vertical flip] our waterproof folding hook has a 180 degrees vertical flip design, it is self-adhesive, so you can easily stick it to the place you need to apply
  • [Practical to use] these utility hooks are ideal tools for storage, you can stick them vertically under the table, thus conveniently hang your belongings
  • [Made of premium ABS material] you don't have to worry about it getting rust like other metal hooks.
  • [Wall-mounted paste] Both wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted can be used. The vertical space can be used to expand the kitchen space.


- Designed for use in shower, bathroom mirror. The soap drainage holders allows water to drain and dry, so it is perfect for the Shower.


- Healthy, environmentally friendly, durable, simple and generous. The soap holder is made from environmentally friendly PP material. Easy to wipe clean and last for years as new.


- No drill the wall or tile. No harm to wall surface. Super easy to install and holds up perfectly. Seamless installation method and easy to use.


- This creative designed soap dish holder allows excess water to drain out. More important, it can keep soap from getting soft and mushy, extending the service life of soap. Intimate design that keeps the soap drying, and the soap no longer need to be blistered. The soap holder with drain can hold petty much any size bar of soap, works well with standard and oversized bars of soap, and it can also hold mobile phone.


- Some natural soaps will turn to a liquid mush, ending up more like a lotion. The best thing you can do is let them drain and dry naturally, which will preserve the life of your favorite luxury soap, as well as keeping your bar of soap well-ventilated, which is also crucial.


-  Insect Repellent Non Radiation

- 360 Rotation

- Portable

- One Key Swith

- AI Saving Power <1

- Piezo Overload Protection

- Resonant Ultrasonic SPL Cavity Acoustic Wave

- Electromagnetic Waves


1. Provides face protection against aerosols, splatters, saliva and sprays.

2. Can be used repeatedly

3. Provide comfortable wearing experience

4. Offers complete coverage

5. Visible (Clean & Clear Surface)

6. Full covered protection

7. Elasticable strap fit all size

  • KF94 mask provides ultimate 94% protection against micro dust and virus up to 0.4 micron
  • Non washable but very high quality.
  • Premium Quality with perfect protection
  • Effective against bacteria and virus
  • Block ultra fine particles
  • 4 layers with high quality filters
  • High elasticity headband
  • Structure : BFE95% 4 layers , Nose clip (Wire), headloop (Polyurethane)
  • FOUR-LAYER FILTERS PROTECTION Waterproof mask (Melt blown filter, <10nm pressed polypro pylene) Ergonomically designed for a comfortable fit and with 3D structure

** Brand new and high quality.

** Super cute princess figure ornaments cake topper, suitable to decorate princess theme cakes.

** The ornaments are with base, the base can be taken down, these ornaments are also a great figure gifts for kids.

** Better to be used with other toppers to get a unique cake effect.

  • Healthy and safe material
  • The mini spray bottles are made of high quality plastic, durable, refillable and reusable, tasteless and non-toxic
  • Leak-proof Design
  • The small plastic spray bottle is equipped with cap and leak-proof loop inside which protect your luggage from dripping and spilling. This design will make you feel more at ease during the travel
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • The travel spray bottle has different small size which is lightweight and portable. Cosmetic spray bottle can be also put into your bag and easy to carry out
  • Wide Application
  • The travel mist bottle also can be a portable hair spray bottle and great for travel, vacation, camping, business trips and daily life
  • Elegant and simple design style and usability for modern needs.
  • Ideal for use in door, foyers, hallways, kitchen,bathroom and bedrooms.
  • Multi-purpose clasp shelf, can be used to hang hats, robes, coats, towels, plugs, key umbrellas, etc
  • Durable,practical 6-hook, large-capacity storage.
  • Can hang all kinds of clothing keys and so on. Beautiful and durable, make life more style.
  • The perfect solution to organize coats, jackets, hats, baseball caps, scarves and dog leashes at your entrance, bedroom or closet.
  • Different sizes and colors to match the decoration of your home.
  • Wall-mounted racks take advantage of wall space that is not used throughout the house, which makes your home look less messy.

● The mini size, perfect to take anywhere as you can seal your snack easily while watching movies at the cinema, or on the bus

● Dual function design, both the sealing machine and the opening machine

● Effectively seal, block the dust in the air, keeping clean. Dry and not easy to damp, put into bags to seal, not waste, family helper.

● Hook design, when not use can hang receive, do not take up space. The hook part can be disassembled

● Operate simply, aim at the opening, from left to right, gently stroke, can seal preservation


KN95 : (Non-Medical)

5-Layer. Preventing virus and breathing freely.

Multi-layer texture of composite structure, Double layer 99% melt-blown fabric.

•Filtration efficiency = >95% on airborne particle

•Effectively prevent droplet and aerosol foam respiratory tract •1st layer: non-woven fabric: filter out dust and being breathable

•2rd & 5rd layer: Soft Fiber , Soft, Skin-Friendly, Comfortable And Breathable

•3nd & 4th layer: KN95 Filter Layer Electrostatic High Efficiency Filtration

  • Capacity can fit more that imagined
  • Large space storage
  • That whole bag of rice is easy and pressureless
  • Stable storage without shaking
  • High temperature resistances
  • Anti-insert, Anti-mould
  • Variety of storage
  • Not only rice box storage pet rotion storage flour
  • Transparent lid, easy to view the content
  • Large capacity, can fit rice and cereal up to 15kg
  • Come with free measuring cup
  • Moisture proof and dust proof
  • Some with seal buckle
  • Back wheels for portability
  • Easy to stack together for space saving
  • Strong, durable and sustain heavy weight