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Usage method:

Wipe the surface of kitchen utensils with a wet cloth or sponge, place a little gently, then dry with a clean cloth, or rinse with water.

Matters needing attention:

1. Multifunctional cleaning paste can be tested in small area before use.

2. Keep out of the eye, take orally and place out of reach of children.


3. Skin sensitive people should wear gloves.

Used for stainless steel, kitchen utensils, pan bottom, lampblack machine, stainless steel rust, burning marks, kitchen heavy oil stain, ceramic tile, toilet, electrical shell, etc.

The advanced nano friction factor is adopted instead of the surface.

It has wide application scope, powerful decontamination, easy and effortless.

Usage: Just dip in a wet cloth or sponge and gently wipe the surface of kitchen utensils. Then wipe it with a clean cloth or rinse it with water.

Contains surfactant ingredients, strong decontamination, suitable for stainless steel kitchen utensils, hardware and iron embroidery, kitchen lampblack machine, etc., easy to erase stubborn stains, bright as new.

Please allow 5-10% measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Please take note that the product pictures presented may look slightly different from the actual product due to differences in lighting and monitor's display.

















Product Details:

-Attributes: oily, shiny texture, cannot be peel off

-Quick drying



-Not peelable

-Expired Date: 2023

  • No side effects.
  • Make patients easily accepted.
  • Suitable for different ages, different genders of all types of snoring.
  • Expand nasal passages.
  • Used for relief nasal congestion caused by cold, allergy and rhinitis.
  • Reduce snore and improve breathe for athletes.
  • Portable Handle: Designed with movable double handles, making the plastic basket easy to move and labor-saving; it can be stacked when not in use, saving space and convenient storage.
  • Durable:  The storage basket is made of high-quality shatter-resistant plastic, strong and durable, light and safe; the thickened bottom is non-slip and wear-resistant, making it more durable.
  • Stylish Rattan Design: The plastic storage basket combines modern beauty and Rattan to decorate the house; the stylish hollow design is ventilated and easy to clean.
  • Multifunctional Storage: Use this plastic storage bin to store beauty products, office supplies, books, towels, toys, etc.; suitable for offices, kitchens, bathrooms, shelves, toy rooms, and bedrooms. Is an excellent organizer.
  • Large-capacity Plastic Storage Basket :  The size of the woven basket is 23.5cm*19.5cm*15cm, the ideal size, can store family's toiletries, towels, etc., suitable for family use.

▪️100% Brand new and High quality.

▪️Soft, Gorgeous, Comfortable, Casual elegant, Protect your skin.

▪️High-grade coral fleece is soft to the touch, antibacterial, durable, moisture-absorbing and breathable.

▪️Light in weight, compact in size and easy to carry.

▪️The Fast drying Super water absorbent towel.

▪️Perfect dish cloth/Face Towel.

  • Set Of Brush Count: 12
  • Brush Material: Rayon
  • Brush Type: Iron Box
  • Handle Material: Plastic
  • Handle Specifications: Portable
  • Hair Length Specification: 2.5cm
  • Overall Length Specification: 13cm
  • Appearance Color: Iron Box 12 MAC


Item yang dibeli tanpa extra bubble wrap / casing / kotak sekiranya terima dalam keadaan pecah akan lebih sukar utk 'Claim' dgn pihak kurier jadi shop kami suggets beli dgn extra protection bubble/kotak/case dan lebih jimat item dibeli bersama protection:


  • high temperature calcination, unbreakable
  • underglaze color technology, health, friction does not fade
  • bottom heightening, slip resistant
  • main map sources: independent real shooting
  • Size: 8.7X8.7X3.6cm
  • Capacity: 125ml
  • Surface Technology: underglaze color
  • Material: ceramic

    -Due to the difference in lighting and screen display effect, the actual colour of the product may be slightly different from the displayed picture.

    -Please allow 5-10% deviation of measurement of the product.

  • Material:  Plastic + electronic components
  • Color: random
  • Battery type: Built-in button
  • Function: Earpick Scope: General Features: LED Light
  • Easy to use, compact, convenient
  • Flashlight for seeing the earhole clearly.
  • Also can be used as a flashlight when needed.
  • LED flashlight switched by the red button on the side.
  • Three transparent earpicks for replacing, which could be put at the back of the flashlight.
  • Two types of earpick: thick and thin, are available for adults and children
  • The tweezers is equipped to catch bigger earwax
  • Color: As the picture shown(Randomly sent)
  • Size : 13cm

Name: Square Recessing Funnel 
Size: about 7.8*7cm
Material: TPR
Packing: OPP bag Weight: 20g
Summary: TPR material, foldable and retractable, with hanging holes, easy to store, oil and salt vinegar dressing, etc. is very easy, no splash, and convenient for your life.


1.180 ° isolation protection


2. PET environmentally friendly materials


3. Can be used multiple times


4. High light-transmitting face protection, refuse to spray


5. The elastic head is comfortable to wear


1. Professional Protection: This face shield is helpful to protect the eyes, nose, and mouth from aerosols, sprays, and splatters.

2. Complete Coverage: Full-length provides more complete coverage than typical face shields. Wrap-around design provides over-the-top, side and front face protection.

3. Luxury Comfortable: Equipped with an Elastic band and sponge headband, the face shield is suitable for extended wear.

4. Premium Design: Treated with anti-fog and anti-static coating. Clear for maximum visibility.

5. High-Quality optically and distortion-free Polyester film, remove the protective film before using.


#covid19 #faceshield #facemask #faceprotection

-Due to the difference in lighting and screen display effect, the actual colour of the product may be slightly different from the displayed picture.

-Please allow 5-10% deviation of measurement of the product.

  • 360 Degree Smooth Rotations
  • Both side rotating (Clockwise & Anti-clockwide)
  • Circular markings are ideal for centering the cake and hygienic wipe clean plastic surface
  • Strong and lightweight the raised platform offers easier access.
  • 28cm / 11" Inch Diameter
  • 7cm / 2.6" Inch Height
  • Stunning and attractive design