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  • Made of PU leather, eco-friendly, non-toxic and harmless.
  • Fine metal buckle, bright beautiful color, more practical and beautiful.
  • High quality soft plastic card slot, appropriate processing pressure.
  • Laceration resistant design slot opening.
  • Perfect closure design, will close up well even all slots were filled with cards.
  • 1.-Selected high-quality fabrics with clear texture, it has good natural characteristics, wear resistance and long usage life.
  • 2.- Exquisite bears and bag atmosphere perfectly matched, it is elegant and beautiful.
  • 3.- Sewing line with perfect oil edge process to make the bag more beautiful and exquisite.
  • 4.-The portable part is filled with PE cotton, which is full and comfortable.
  • 5.- Owing to portable reinforcement design, rivet fixing, and reinforcement design, it increases load capacity.
  • 6.-Super capacity, beyond your imagination.