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  • Only require small amount of blood
  • Each strip is packed individually for hygiene and protection
  • For Diabetic monitoring of Ketone Levels
  • For LCHF / Keto Diet monitoring of progress

Test strips are used in conjunction with a ketone meter to monitor blood ketone levels (bhb)

Freestyle Optium Beta Ketone Test Strips are used to detect the level of ketones in blood by people with Type 1 / 2 diabetes who want to check that their ketone levels don’t get too high.

Significantly high levels of ketones may need emergency medical treatment.


  • •Only a tiny amount of blood is needed – 1.5ul
  • Individually foil wrapped minimising the possibility of contamination
  • Can apply blood sample on the top or at the side of the strip
  • Pack size: 10 strips per box (expiry: December 2018)
  • ​​No Coding Reqired.
  • For self-testing.
  • Only Small blood sample necessary for fast and accurate results. 

Designed for use with the following meters: 

  • FreeStyle Optium Neo

___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Jalur ujian digunakan bersamaan dengan meter ketone darah untuk memantau tahap ketone dalam darah

Freestyle Optium Beta Ketone digunakan untuk mengesan tahap ketone dalam darah oleh orang yang menghidap diabetes jenis 1 & 2 yang ingin memeriksa tahap ketonanya tidak terlalu tinggi.

Tahap keton yang tinggi mungkin memerlukan rawatan perubatan kecemasan.

Gunakan hanya dengan (jika tersedia): • Freestyle Optium Neo

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  • 1 box of 10 Ketone Strips + FREE 2 Strips